Foundation of Regional Initiatives


Foundation of Regional Initiatives

Foundation of Regional Initiatives (more known among the young people as FRI) – is a youth public organization

1. Foundation of Regional Initiatives

Foundation of Regional Initiatives (more known among the young people as FRI) – is a youth public organization, which works on all the territory of Ukraine with the purpose of the institutional strengthening of youth motion, studies and providing of active participants of associations of young people, development of student and on the whole youth initiatives.
FRI unites in the rows young active people, who help to develop youth motion of Ukraine, associations of young people, and also those young people which have active position in relation to the issues of the present day in Ukraine.
In 2002 the activists of youth public motion founded a new association — Foundation of Regional Initiatives. For two years of activity FRI went out on leading positions in youth motion of Ukraine, due to the solidarity, activity and influentialness.
On the 17th of October, 2004 all-Ukrainian «FRI» was created, which had united all existing by then cells. One of initiators and founders of organization, Oleksandr Solontay was elected as the head of the all-Ukrainian «FRI».
Initial strategy of activity consisted in creation a youth union which afterwards would begin to be «independently reproduced», constantly bringing over to itself new active members, at the same time «generating» leaders upstairs. Afterwards, the development of organization began and by the creation of new cells in other regions of Ukraine. Today FRI is presented in 25 regions of our country.
Now, we are ready to the collaboration with all organizations, which support the development of democratic values activity, which does not conflict with principles of re-erecting of civil society in Ukraine. The values of our organization — it foremost its activists, whose persistence and blitheness, give a hope on that, that our country has the rich and happy future.
FRI supports none of political parties. Its members are young people, which have spare time, resources, or simply desire to help, to be useful, instrumental in the young people of Ukraine, to reconstruct the state. Therefore members FRI are representatives of different political forces, which see in the FRI real youth organization activity of which is directed on activation of young people and re-erecting of Ukraine, as the democratic and legal state. The every indifferent can join FRI, if he/she shares our tasks.
Focusing the attention on young people, we realize far not youth projects. Yes, during presidential elections FRI carried out monitoring of election process, elucidative-mobilization measures, verification of registers of voters, and others like that; thus engaged in realization of such difficult projects exceptionally young people!

2. FRI’s activities & projects.

The foundation during all existence is actively engaged in elucidative work, diffusing among libraries, public organizations and youth books, brochures and magazines, on a social and political, historical, human rights, economic, political science and other subject.

We are very actively brought over to informative activity. At one time, FRI supports in appearance on the world of youth informative edition «Our World», «Public opinion». Organization is administer an own informative internet-resource, devoted public life of young people, — (Free youth portal).
Major projects:
- «Eurobus. Young people to youth. European union – to Ukraine»;
- Studies for members of youth organizations work in NUO;
- «Libraries’ support Fund»;
- Carrying out the festival of «»;
- Monitoring of realization of youth policy by the state and party organizations;
- Participation in election process (preparation of young leaders).
From the moment of the creation, FRI participates actively in monitoring of elections in Ukraine, and also international supervision under time: presidential elections in Moldova (PMR), parliamentary elections in Russian Federation, parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan, parliamentary elections in Slovakia.
During the last years FRI jointly with partners conducted monitoring of extraordinary elections in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and also extraordinary local elections. So one of the most successful projects gave birth in Ukraine which lasts from 2007 year is «YOUTH GUARD», that afterwards evolved in a project «YOUTH GUARD: youth keep an eye on you».

3. Ideology of organization.

1. Young people unite in organization FRI, to have an influence on the future of Ukraine. Members of FRI are free, young people, which occupy active vital position in the cities, districts, regions and country, on the whole. FRI protects interests of youth, and is one of the powerful youth organizations in Ukraine.
2. FRI is FREEDOM. Organization has a status of independent all-Ukrainian youth public organization, independently elects the guidance which submits exceptionally members. Members help each other and make a real community!
3. Members FRI are not afraid of policy, and vice versa create it constituent – young PEOPLE.
4. Members of FRI are the leaders of young people; they express opinions of young people, idea, desire and hope. Founders talk on behalf of young people, as task force, expressing it the real desires. Every member, working, obtains leader qualities on your own personally; however, organization — works for society. OUR PURPOSE is PUBLIC SERVICE!
5. A wide regional network allows us to realize all-Ukrainian projects and communicate within the framework of entire country. In SENSE of REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT — FRI OUT OF COMPETITION!
6. FRI helps different youth organizations and organs of student and student's self-government. Among partners the strongest youth associations of Ukraine. In addition, we have amities with organizations in many countries of the world: Belorussia, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Moldova, and Hungary. However, basic efforts are FRI directed on activity in Ukraine, work with young Ukrainians. FRI is RESOURCE CENTER FOR OTHER ORGANIZATIONS.
7. Basis FRI are young entrepreneurs and businessmen, students and young research workers, political scientists and young politicians, members of professional public organizations and deputies. The average age of organization’s representatives is 21-23 years.
8. it’s honored to be a Founder. Everybody inlays in development of Ukraine a particle at one time, money, information, connections, voluntarily work, etc. At the same time, all that is done — carried out only on voluntarily basis, own desire and persuasion.
9. Every member of FRI saw far more real Ukraine than average young man.
10. Today in Ukraine 150 thousands of young people are involved in the different forms of activity, in age from 14 up to the 35 years. This is a very small index in relation to the general number of young people in Ukraine - 15 millions! Therefore, one of our strategic tasks is to increase the amount of young activists of public life to 450 thousand. We develop for this purpose, propagandize interesting youth initiatives — youth tourism, seminars, trainings, camps, alternative forms of leisure as business games, etc. ALL THAT IS ORIENTED ON YOUNG PEOPLE MUST BE INTERESTING FOR THEM!
11. FRI financed and provided other resources, due to the sponsor help of Ukrainian business, offerings of founders, help of other public organizations, membership dues and international-financial help. MOST WE’RE THANK TO BUSINESSMEN AND CHARITABLE PERSONS!
12. Our slogans are: ACTIVITY! NEW FRIENDS and IMPRESSIONS! SELF – in the name the FUTURE of UKRAINE!
13. We plan our work. Guidance of organization developed the plan of strategic development of Foundation on the nearest 3 years, with which everybody interested could see. At the same time, every FRI cell has the plan of work, in accordance with vision of young people on places. WE ENCOURAGE MAKING INDEPENDENT DECISIONS BY YOUNG PEOPLE ON PLACES!

Создан 19 окт 2009

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